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In 1850 Wilhelm Liebmann, a landlord and resident of Sitzendorf, who was born in Lichte/Thuringia was honoured with the permission of re-establishing a porcelain manufactory in Sitzendorf/Thuringia. In 1858 the brothers Alfred and Carl Wilhelm Voigt became chairman and slowly started to change the product range. One of the highlights was the introduction of lace figurines decorated in Meissen Style in 1884. Business went very well and in 1890 enabled them to open a subsidiary in the town of Underweißbach. Both factories together gave work to 300 employees. In 1896 the company was re-structured as limited company (stock corporation). The disastrous effects of WWI followed later by the worldwide economic crises in the late twenties nearly ruined the company and so the Unterweißnach branch was closed in 1928. In the year 1932 the situation began to stabilize under the leadership of the former authorizied representatives Reinhold Rebhan and Max Krauße, who had become the new proprietors. The factory was completely nationalized in 1972. After German reunifiaction the factory was reprivatized and refounded as limited partnership on June 1st, 1990. (source: http://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com)
The Sitzendorfer Porcelain Manufactory is still existing. 
Their webpage can be found at: http://www.sitzendorf-porzellan.de/index.php?lng=en

Sitzendorf produced a large number of beautiful half dolls and half doll related figurines like bathing beauties, powder boxes, flower frogs, half doll heads (pin cushion handles) etc.

This post will show you some beauties made by Sitzendorfer Porcelain Manufactory in c. 1920 - 1930.


This half doll portrays the French Queen Marie-Antoinette
as to be seen on Wikipedia at:

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