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This post is introducing four prominent royal ladies in the form of beautiful antique half dolls. Empress Eugenie of France; Maria Theresia, the Empress of Austria; Elisabeth (Elizabeth) of Austria, known as: SISSI; and Empress Augusta. The half dolls are made by the German firm Wm. Goebel of Oeslau/Bavaria. All the half dolls are marked with the Goebel crown mark. The names in red are the descriptions of the dolls to find in the old Goebel catalogues from c. 1920.

Franz Detleff and William Goebel founded the Goebel porcelain factory in 1871. The history of the Goebel factory can be found in their webpage at : 

These half dolls are representing EMPRESS EUGENIE OF FRANCE (1855)
She was the last Empress consort of the French from 1853 to 1871 as the wife of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French. 

These half dolls are representing MARIA THERESIA, EMPRESS OF AUSTRIA, with crown (1760). She was the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and started her 40-year reign in 1740. She was the wife of Francis Stephen of Lorraine and had sixteen children, including Queen Marie Antoinette of France, Queen Maria Carolina of Naples and two Holy Roman Emperors, Joseph II and Leopold II. The Empress is buried in the Kaisergruft/Kapuzinergruft (Imperial Crypt) in Vienna (well worth a visit!) next to her husband in an coffin (of enormous size) along with the bodies of 145 Habsburg royalties.

One photo was taken from the book THE HALF DOLL and related items, makers and values by Shona & Marc Lorrin, Vol. 6, photo is courtesy of "The Lorrins"
These half dolls putting a ring on the finger are representing ELIZABETH OF AUSTRIA (1860), Lady with Ring. Elisabeth of Austria (24 December 1837 - 10 September 1898), today a historical icon, was the spouse of Franz Joseph I. From an early age, she was called SISI or SISSI by family and friends. In the German-speaking world, Elisabeth's name is often associated with a trilogy of romantic films about her life which starred a teenage Romy Schneider.

This half doll represents PRINCESS WILHELM OF PRUSSIA, LATER EMPRESS AUGUSTA with Diadem (1850). Kaiserin Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein (22 October 1858 – 11 April 1921) was the last German Empress and Queen of Prussia. She was married to Wilhelm (William) II., who was the last German Emperor.

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