Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012


Photo is courtesy of Beth from Bland Properties

This expectional "museum piece" half doll was just auctioned on eBay and commanded the highest price, that was ever paid for a half doll on eBay. The outstanding half doll was made by Dressel & Kister of Passau/Bavaria. The lovely lady wears a blue cap and carries a basket atop of her head. The basket is filled with multi-colored very fine flowers (every single flower is formed by hand). A dove is molded to the rim of the basket.  The doll is clearly marked with the bishop`s crozier and measures 7" in height. Molding and painting are amazingly fine done. This half doll was sold for ..... WOW! unbelievable ...... 10.600 US$ = 8500 Euro. Congratulations to the winners and a big THANK YOU to Beth from Bland Properties / Missouri, who kindly granted permission to use her photos. THIS doll is truly everything .... but not bland!


Photo is courtesy of Shona & Marc Lorrin from their book THE HALF DOLL Vol. 5

This half doll was also made by Dressel & Kister and is actually a sister to the above mentioned doll. HOWEVER, the basket atop of the head doesn`t originate from Dressel & Kister and it is NOT ORIGINAL to the doll. As per statement of German D&K collectors, who had the chance to examine this particular doll a few years ago, is there a hole in the head of the doll. Obviously the original basket was broken off and the damage resp. the hole is covered with a basket from an unknown manufacturer. The quality of the flowers and the basket is worse and not comparable with the Dressel & Kister quality and this "odd" basket is virtually too small for the doll. In my opinion is this a poor repair and this doll is worth a fraction of the lovely D&K doll with the original basket.

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