Samstag, 5. Mai 2012


It is quite obvious that in the 20s and 30s the Spanish senoritas and Spanish flamenco dancers attracted German half doll manufacturers as well as their customers. There are half dolls depicting Spanish ladies wearing a mantilla and/or a high comb, many of them are equipped with colorful fans; and Spanish ladies dancing flamenco with their clicking castanets. Spanish ladies are to find in the assortment of almost every German manufacturer. They were made in various sizes, nicely dressed or undressed. The quality ranges from “simple, but charming” to very fine and high quality; so to speak: Spanish half doll ladies for every taste and budget.

The appealing half doll with the white high comb outlined in gold was made by Dressel & Kister of Passau/Bavaria; the half doll dressed in black and white lace was made by Hertwig / Katzhütte (Katzhuette); and the half doll with the beautiful grey outlined eyes and the red high comb with painted golden accents originates from Fasold & Stauch porcelain factory. The Fasold & Stauch doll measures 15.5 cm = 6.1" in height. 

Both, the beautiful half doll lady in an off-white mantilla (15.5 cm=6.1" tall) and the lady holding a big fan (painted in red and green) on standing legs are originating from Fasold & Stauch of Bock-Wallendorf/Thuringia. The lady on standing legs retains her old pin cushion, which is hidden under the cloth skirt. The pin cushion made of fabric connects the body of the doll to the legs. The half doll with the pink and green painted comb and dress was made by Limbach Porcelain Factory in Thuringia; the half doll wearing a molded fringed shawl and holding red and blue painted fan was made by an unknown German manufacturer.

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  1. Thanks for the post! This is a very beautiful doll. I live in Spain. Very much I love flamenco. And these dolls I like especially! Always I go to read your interesting blog. The only pity is that you do not open the gadget, "the translator".