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This post is introducing two French queen consorts of the medieval times - ISABEAU DE BAVIERE and her daughter-in-law MARIE D`ANJOU. Dressel & Kister of Passau/Bavaria is well-known to collectors for their outstanding series of medieval figurines. They produced both, beautiful medieval full-figurines and superb medieval half dolls. Dressel & Kister even produced medieval half doll gentlemen, for example an outstanding medieval falconer ( )

ISABEAU / ISABELLE de BAVIERE (born as Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadt -c. 1371 – September 24, 1435) was queen of France and wife of King Charles VI of France. She married on July 17, 1385. When she became Queen of France in 1385, her husband was showing signs of mental illness.  The King and Queen of France did manage to have many children including the future King, Charles VII of France and two daughters, Isabella and Catherine, who later became Queens of England. Isabeau was one of the most unpopular Queens of France. She got involved in politics and public affairs when her husband, King Charles VI of France was mentally incapable.

This Dressel & Kister figurine and the matching half doll are renditions of Isabeau de Baviere, obviously made from a French costume print. The half doll was not made with this flowing veil dropping down from the headgear. The doll measures 11 cm (4-1/3") in height, marked with the blue D&K bishop`s crozier, the figurine was made in several sizes.
MARIE D`ANJOU (October 14, 1404 - November 29, 1463) was the Queen consort to Isabeau`s son King Charles VII of France from 1422 to 1461. Charles VII`s victory in the Hundred Years War between the French Kingdom and the Kingdom of England owed a great deal to the support he received from Marie's family, notably from her mother Yolande of Aragon. Although Marie and Charles had twelve children,her husband`s affection was primarily directed towards his mistress Agnès Sorel. 

This is the Dressel & Kister rendition of French queen Marie d`Anjou with her book of hours or prayer book. Marie`s headdress is a truncated hennin. The hennin is a headdress worn in the late Middle Age by European women of the nobility. Dressel & Kister manufactured the figurine and the matching half doll. The doll measures 13 cm (5.1") in height, the figurine was made several sizes. 
This figurine is an "add" for the "medieval fans" : 
the lovely figurine depicting Isabeau de Baviere is unmarked, probably made by the German firm Älteste Volkstedter Porzellan Manufaktur about 1900 to 1920. Unfortunately a matching half doll is not existing. What a pity!

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