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This post is showing half doll ladies in combination with dogs or cats and additional a few "full figural half dolls" in the form of cats and dogs. The "full figurals" have two or four holes in the base, and served as handles (toppers) for pin cushions or for fluffy swans down powder puffs for face powder or beauty powder, which was sold in cardboard boxes.

The Art Deco lady in a blue dress was made by an (still) unknown German manufacturer and measures 10.5 cm (4.1") in height.- The blond lady in a white dress was made by Galluba & Hofmann and is a scarce half doll. Related half dolls were made by Hertwig of Katzhütte and Weiß, Kühnert & Co., but the quality of the Galluba & Hofmann lady is much finer. - The lady in the yellow dress is a nicely done modern reproduction. The origin and the maker of this doll is unknown. - The comical little French bulldog with long ears once was sewed to the top of a straw-filled pincushion, whose old fabric has disintegrated over the years.

The Art Deco half doll with the blonde mohair wig was made by Fasold & Stauch and looks related to the lady in an old  French postcard.

The photo shows a cute half doll in the form of a young girl dressed in a molded white bonnet with shades of yellow. The girl holds a grey and white cat with a pink neckband (size is: 7.5 cm / 3" in height). The doll was made by Galluba & Hofmann of Ilmenau/Thuringia. - The Art Deco lady in a yellow dress with the black and white cat is a scarce French-made half doll, probably made by Henri Delcourt of Boulogne-sur-Mer/France. -  The funny little black cat with a red bow is a so-called "full figural half-doll". It is attached to an original old swans down powder puff from the 20s or 30s. The comical white cat with big green eyes once was the topper resp. the handle of a pin cushion.

This powder or vanity box is a "half doll related" figurine. The very elegant dressed Art Deco lady and her neat King Charles Spaniel are sitting atop of a trunk. The trunk serves as box, the lid lifts off. This exceptional fine powder box was made by Fasold & Stauch . The Art Deco lady looks closely related to the beautiful Fasold & Stauch Art Deco half doll ladies shown in my previous posts (.... therefore: a "half doll related figurine"). Size is: height 12.5 cm (5") x width 9.5 cm (3.75")

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