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The half doll is from a series of excellent done medieval half dolls by Dressel & Kister of Passau. She shows a molded golden hairband with raised purple “jewels”. The dark-grey hair is twisted to a chignon at the backside and it is painted with finest white streaks. She measures 10.5 cm (4.1”) in height and is marked inside the base with the blue bishop`s crozier as well as "Germany".

This nude dancer (or bathing beauty) striking a known Dressel & Kister pose is likewise from their medieval series. These dancing ladies were made in china porcelain and in bisque in a variety of sizes. The dancer has a hole in the ball of each foot, which fit over supporting rods in a (wooden) base/stand. The wooden base is quite often lost to the time. The molding of the figurine, particularly the muscular body and the painting are excellent and very fine done. These figurines are commonly UNMARKED (no incised number and no bishop`s staff).

This is a similar dancing lady made by Dressel & Kister, but she is dressed in a molded harem outfit with turban and slippers. The figurine retains it original wooden stand. The figurine shows excellent molded features and painting is all over amazingly fine done. She measures 30 cm (11.8") in height without the stand. The figurine is unmarked.

BEWARE! On the first glance this figurine appears to be made by Dressel & Kister, but this it is definitively NOT a Dressel & Kister figurine! This is a modern reproduction resp. a copy molded to a blue ball with painted golden stars. These figurines are made in "low cost" quality with a "poor" molding and "blurred" painting. "Clumsy" features rather than finest manufactured features. The figurine is marked with an incised mark 581625 under the base, most likely to create the appearance of an "antique German figurine". These kind of figurines are supposed to be MADE IN CHINA. They are just making their appearance on eBay (Belgium, France and Germany etc.). ORIGINAL dancing figurines from Dressel & Kister / Passau are NOT molded to a "kitschy" ball. They either have a wooden stand or a round base made of porcelain (for those made in the largest size).

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