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Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo (15 April 1710, Brussels –28 April 1770, Paris) was a French/Belgian dancer. The first woman to execute the entrechat quatre, Camargo was also responsible for two innovations in ballet as she was the first dancer to wear slippers instead of heeled shoes, and she was the first female to wear the short calf-length ballet skirt and the now standardized ballet tights. In her time she appeared in 78 ballets or operas, always to the delight of the public. Nicolas Lancret painted a famous portrait of her that exists in several versions.

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Several German porcelain manufacturers produced figurines and half dolls representing Mademoiselle Camargo based on this painting by Lancret.
The figurine in a white dress with the lavishly pink flower arrangement on her dress and in her hair, as well as the half doll with pink flowers in the hair are made by Dressel & Kister/Passau. The half doll retains her old pink dress made of cloth and is assembled to a lace-trimmed oval-shaped base. 

The figurine in a blue dress is likewise made with a lavishly arranged flower decoration. She was manufactured by Aelteste Volkstedt. The decoration of the matching Volkstedt half doll (dressed in blue) representing "Camargo" is somewhat less artistically done without any flower embellishment on her dress or in her hair, but is despite a beautiful half doll in fine quality.

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  1. there have phenomenal representation of "BELGIAN BALLET DANCER" thanks so much to bring this classical statue of dancers.

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