Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012


I had the chance to get an original antique catalogue page of the Älteste Volkstedter Porzellanmanufaktur (Oldest Volkstedter Porcelain Manufactory). In my opinion the catalogue page dates to about 1920 (plus/minus 10 years) and shows six of their quality half dolls.

The Älteste Volkstedter is the oldest still producing porcelain manufactory in Thuringia. The manufactory was founded in 1762.

The catalogue page shows the MOLD NUMBERS (for instance: 10425), the SIZE in which the dolls have been made in centimeter ( = cm) as well as the PRICES  for blank ware (= unpainted dolls) and painted ware (declared in the page as SAXE).

Two photos of the matching half dolls are excerpts taken from the book “THE HALF-DOLLS with related items, makers and values” by Shona & Marc Lorrin, Volume 5, who kindly granted permission to use photos from their books for my blog. One of the half dolls illustrated in this old catalogue page is not my collection and it is not to find in any of the half doll books. 

The lady in the blue lace-trimmed dress and the pink veils with outstretched arms is identified as the French dancer Marie Sallé (1707-1756).
This half doll atop of an ormolu lamp is a rendition of Maria Taglioni (1804-1884), the famous Italian/Swedish ballerina

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