Samstag, 12. November 2011


Galluba & Hofmann was founded in 1888 in Ilmenau / Thuringia. The manufactory produced porcelain figurines, vases and other ornamental decoration objects in a high quality and on a high level. In a short time the company experienced an economic upswing. They predominantly produced porcelain for the export to France and the United States. Only a minority of their porcelain products was sold in Germany.  In 1900 the company attended the World Exposition in Paris/France. Their artistic decorated porcelain watch won the “Mention honorable”. This increased the sales of the Galluba & Hofmann products in France. The heyday of Galluba & Hofmann ended with begin of World War I (1914-1918) when their export business started to crumble. German porcelain was no longer requested  in France and United States. Galluba & Hofmann´s slowly come-down in the 1920ies ended in a bankruptcy caused by the world economic crisis in 1929. The company had to cease their production. The owners did not have success with establishing their products in Germany. Today many of their figurines are much sought after by collectors due to their quality. Art Deco figurines, bathing beauties, half dolls, snow babies (even a “snow baby half doll”) to name a few.
The photo is introducing several  half dolls made in China porcelain (not the country, but the material).  Galluba produced as well very fine half dolls in excellent bisque quality.

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